Hakuna Matata Walking Tours Testimonials

Having read these existing testimonials, I can wholeheartedly vouch for the voracity and enthusiasm of their experiences. Erick truly is generous with his knowledge of the communities, the landscape, and the creatures we encountered. After a peaceful visit to the Mount Meru waterfall, we continued our hike above the pine plantations into the mountain forest. It was so wonderful to see the exotic vegetation, and woodland creatures, as well as fantastic views of the summit of Mount Meru. We covered 16 miles of an amazing and varied landscape; an experience I will carry with me for a lifetime!



My day with Erick gave me some wonderful memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. He seemed to know everyone we encountered and we were given a warm reception wherever he took us. He gave me some great tips at the Maasai Market, he introduced me to a Maasai medicine man at the Arusha market (and explained what his various remedies were for), he took me to a place tucked away behind a shade tree on a street corner where local men gather to sip very strong coffee from small cups. He showed me many of the key points of interest in town. These are experiences I would never have had on my own – made that much more enjoyable by his upbeat manner and funny banter. We took a dala dala out to lake Duluti where he guided me on a walk around the lake and further impressed me with his encyclopedic knowledge of the wildlife and plants. At the end of the day my heart was warmed by his generous African hospitality (“in Africa we share everything” he says) when he hosted me at his house for a traditional dish of chips na yai – I feel as if I have made a new friend. He really broadened my Swahili vocabulary and was very patient. I highly recommend Hakuna Matata Walking Tours and Erick’s wonderful services.



We had a great time with Erick in Arusha. He showed us parts of the city we would have never visited on our own. The visit to the market was great. He helped us haggling for a good price. Erick is very knowledgeable, smart and trustworthy. We would highly recommend Hakuna Matata’s tours!! Good luck to you Erick!



Thank you very much to Erick for a wonderful and very interesting hike today to Mount Meru waterfall today. I highly recommend this fascinating tour if you are in Arusha.



Had a great time hitting up both a Maasai Village and Arusha National Park! Thanks Eric for such a great experience!



My wife and I took the Arusha walking tour with Erick last August, and it was terrific. He took us places that we wouldn’t go on our own. I was able to take great pictures of the people in the markets and elsewhere in the city. His brashness is both refreshing and daunting. This small town American urges you to take Erick’s tour and see and photograph things you’d never see on your own. Go!



I thought I would write a short recommendation on the Hakuna Matata Walking Tours FaceBook wall. I remember very well meeting with you when Jo and I were in Arusha a few years ago. You were very generous with your time and knowledge. Our trip to the snake park and riding the local bus to get there were great fun. Jo and I visited Arusha before HMWT was set up but I feel sure that with your involvement, visitors will have some great experiences. Best wishes,



We had an amazing time on the Mt. Meru Waterfall hike. The guides were incredibly polite and they were always checking to see how we were enjoying ourselves. An unexpected bonus was being able to stop and see several villages along the way. Our guides were so helpful pointing things out and answering any questions we had. Aside from meeting us in town and taking care of us every step of the way our guides also made sure we got on the correct Dala Dala and made it back home safely.

The waterfall itself is truly remarkable and well worth the hike. We did the full hike which starts at the base of the road, but if hiking is not your thing you can also take a motorcycle taxi up to the base of the waterfall as well. A great excursion for the price and a highly recommended must-see for any traveler visiting Arusha.



I walked the Waterfall Hike today with Erick and had a great day. We bought fresh bananas and avocados for lunch and walked through a cool fresh mist most of the day. Wandering through the different villages and having Erick explaining the social and cultural changes, along with identifying the local plants, foods and bird life was an absolute treat.

He is an excellent guide and we discussed world issues with his broad knowledge of Tanzania. He kept an eye on our pace, found vantage points for photographs and chatted to the local people to check the safest tracks as there were working in the fields and felling timber. I will recommend Erick and the Arusha Walking Tours.

Good luck and asante sana.